Monday, May 31, 2010

Sheba's Kittens

Sheba had kittens just a few days after Grant's graduation.
She got outside somehow so we have free kittens this time.

Here's Sheba with her babies.

At first I thought we had 3 girls and I wanted to name them after super models. Then, oops, the black kitten turned out to be a boy. So he's Seal, who's married to a super model (Heidi Klume)


Joey likes playing with these babies. He's very gentle and sweet.

Minki & Seal




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Idol top 12 Rolling Stones Night

Michael - Miss You - 9
Didi - Play With Fire - 10
Casey - Its All Over Now - 8

Lacey - Ruby Tuesday - 7
Andrew - A Shot Away - 9
Katie - Wild Horses - 6

Tim - Under My Thumb - 8
Siobhan - Paint it Black - 10
Lee - Beast of Burden - 10

Paige - Honky Tonk Woman - 8
Aaron - Angie - 4
Krystal - You Can't Always Get What You Want 10

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guys Nite on Idol 3/10/10

Lee- didn't know the song but it was a good job.

Alex - Trouble- good performance

Tim - Hallelujah -good performance - better than last time

Andrew - Genie In a Bottle - good song, nice performance mediocre reviews.

Casey- country song, looks good, sounds good

Aaron - I'm Already There - not good, not good, not on pitch. Good review from Randy, what is he crazy? The others didn't like it.

Todrick - Somebody to Love- does good with the high notes. Good performance but I don't like this kid too much.

Michael - Beautiful song, sung well.

These performances are so quiet, soft . Tim's song was the only one that sounds right so far. Not liking the music tonight.

Who's goin home?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Idol Girls 3/9/10

Katie-not good song, flat, 4 bad reviews

Siobhan-House of the Rising Sun-great rendition 3 fab reviews, Simon not so much.

Lacey-sleepy song, interesting voice- 4 good reviews

Kaitlyn-I Feel The Earth Move-rushed the song, not good interpretation. 4 bad reviews

Didi - Brianna (Fleetwood Mac) very cool-4 great reviews

Paige - Smile- flat, boring song

Krystal -Give Me One Reason - great soulful, great reviews

Lilly - did Patsy Kline nice song good reviews but not my favorite.

Didi and Siobhan are definitely my favorites. I think Paige and Kaitlyn will be going home. Tomorrow is boys night!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Idol Girls Night 3/3/10

1. Chrystal Bowersox - (blonde dreadlocks, pierced lip) excellent! has been sick -4 great reviews

2. Haeley Vaughn - The Climb (black, dopey/lispy) sounds dopey- 4 bad reviews

3. Lacey Brown - Kiss Me (short red hair) wobbley performance - 4 not good reviews

4. Katie Stevens - Put Your Records On (long dark hair-cute) kinda soulful voice nice song - 4 mediocre reviews, they were too hard on her she was good

5. Didi Benami - Lean On Me (long blonde-meows) great voice, great job looks very polished, reminds me of Kirsten - 4 lousy reviews from 4 lousy judges

6. Michelle Delamore - (Latina? curly brown hair) did fine, just don't particularly like her - 2 bad 2 good, great outfit

7. Lilly Scott A Change is Gonna come (blonde hippy) did really well- 4 rave reviews

8. Katelyn Epperly - (curly blonde reminds me of Jaclyn) nice song, played piano, has nice voice -2 mediocre reviews, 2 good reviews

9. Paige Miles - Walk Away (black with light brown eyes) did well nice song - 4 - good reviews

10. Siobhan Magnus Think (short brown hair, weird blue dress) little white girl does Aretha fabulous.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Idol 3-2-10

1. Michael Lynche - Man's World (big black weight lifter) killer voice, very soulful. 4-good reviews

2. John Park - Gravity (asian guy) looks nervous, nice song, decent job. 4 - mediocre reviews

3. Casey James - I Don't Wanna Be (blonde hunky guy) played elec guitar, not terrific vocals. 2 good Randy/Ellen 2 iffy reviews Kara/Simon

4. Alex Lambert - Nobody Really Knows (nervous little guy) great tone to his voice, guitar playing not too hot. Reminds me of the guy I saw on Oprah, British guy, can't remember his name. Love his voice. 4 good reviews

5. Todrick Hall - What's Love Got To Do With It? (black guy/light brown eyes, dancer) sweet performance, nice job. 4 bad reviews, too hard on him!

6. Jermaine Sellers - What's goin on? (thin black guy/fo-hawk, bowtie) boring ska? 4 bad reviews

7. Andrew Garcia - You Give Me Something (did Straight up) cool tones to his voice, not a great song. Great performance tho. 4 weak reviews

8. Aaron Kelly - My Girl (thin young guy-spiky hair) weak amazingly got 4 decent revicws

9. Tim Urban - Come On Get High (longish dark beatnik hair) better song than last week, sweet looking guy. Also has a nice tone to his voice. He's cute. Got great review from Simon, Kara kinda liked him Simon and Ellen didn't like him.

10. Lee Dewyze - Lips of An Angel (looks like a young Jeremy Camp) kinda rough voice in a good way pitch not great tonight. 4 great reviews.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idol 2-24-10

girls night last night was good wish I remembered the names but I started this tonight. There was a girl who played harmonica w/guitar another who sang Melissa Etheridge.

Tonight they boys not so hot, one of the boys, no one like except Simon he was a black guy named Michael ,Lee Dewyze, I thought he was good I think he's the one looks a bit like Jeremy Camp. Then a really cute blonde guy named Casey did really well. Probably the best so far. I will try to keep better track after this. One guy named Alex Lambert has a really cool voice but he's really nervous on stage and has horrible moves.
Last guy Andrew Garcia really interesting voice, weird lookin dude. Has high potential. He is the one who did "Straight up" in 1st at hollywood. Which was awesome! Tyler Grady, did American Woman, was not bad.. He's a long haired college student.